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In support of the open meeting policy, the MLA Board shares meeting agendas and supporting documents with the membership prior to each Board meeting. 

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2018 Open Board Meeting 2: May

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
09.r.i. Public Services - Instruction Subcommi.pdf PDF (162.27 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
09.s. Publications May 2018.docx DOCX (18.06 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
09.t. Resource Sharing _ Collection Developme.docx DOCX (21.39 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
09.u. Web May 2018.docx DOCX (20.71 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
11.a. MOUG May 2018.docx DOCX (30.21 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
11.b. NISO May 2018.doc DOC (55.5 KB) Administration 5/14/2018
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