4.a Honoraria and Reimbursements

Honoraria for Officers
The Board sets honoraria for special officers at the Spring Board meeting.

No elected officer, member, or delegate of a member receives compensation as such. The Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, Convention Manager and Assistant Convention Manager, Development Officer, Placement Officer, Publicity Officer, Advertising

Manager, and editors of Notes, the MLA Newsletter, the Music Cataloging Bulletin, and MLA Web sites receive an honorarium, the amount determined by the Board.

The Board reviewed the report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Honoraria, and made changes to policies regarding honoraria taking into account many of the Working Group’s recommendations. The following criteria for receipt of honoraria were established:
  • Number of hours per year spent on position responsibilities
  • Level of expertise required
  • Whether or not the position is appointed following the recommendation of a search committee
  • Whether or not the position involves editorial responsibilities
  • Impact of the position on MLA
The Board will set FY 2001/02 honoraria based on 10% of the total operating budget. For FY
2001/02, “total operating budget” will include the previous year’s honoraria; henceforth, it will not. The Board agreed to work expeditiously toward the Ad Hoc Working Group’s recommendation that honoraria be “returned to its 199 level (13.85% of MLA’s total budget), with an eventual goal of
15%.” (Minutes, 06/2001, XVI.D)

A request to add an honorarium to a position requires Board approval. (Minutes, 06/2004, IX.C)

Honoraria for Authors and Editors
An honorarium of $500 will be provided to authors of the three series publications. (Minutes,
02/2008, IX.G) This honorarium will be paid by A-R Editions upon publication.

Editors of volumes in MLA’s monographic series will receive $350 for each completed, newly published title, to be paid by A-R Editions upon publication. (Minutes, 06/2004, IX.C and the October 3, 2011 addendum to the co-publishing agreement)

The Board establishes the total honoraria for Notes annually that will be distributed to the editorial staff by the Notes Editor (Finance Committee minutes, 09/2001, 4.B)

4.b Subventions and support to other organizations

MLA provides support to several organizations and projects that help to fulfill aspects of MLA’s

The US RISM project receives a subvention of $1000. (Minutes, 06/2001, XII.A; FY 2001/02 budget, approved 06/2001).

MLA provides a yearly subvention of $10,000 to the RILM project, which now also includes the amount formerly contributed by IAML-US before their merger with MLA in July 2011.

University of Maryland Archives processing subvention
Budget line 8.018 created as a processing subvention for MLA archival materials beginning FY
1998/99. (Minutes, 05/1998, XII.A)

Organizational dues
MLA holds organization memberships in the following:
NISO (National Information Standards Organization (voting member) ALA (American Library Association, Affiliate membership)

4.c Travel expenses

MLA will reimburse travel expenses under the following guidelines.

Members eligible for travel reimbursement include Board members, special officers, BCC representatives to crucial ALA committees and sometimes other members traveling on behalf of the Association. All travel expenses are subject to Board approval and must be requested as part of the annual budgeting process. Requests for reimbursement, accompanied by receipts (except that receipts are not required for per diem) are submitted to the Administrative Officer on an RFP.

RFPs for reimbursement to the Administrative Officer should be copied to the President, since the
AO will be signing a check to him or herself.

Official MLA travelers may choose to book flights through the ATC travel service. In this case charges are made on MLA’s corporate American Express card rather than purchased by the traveler and reimbursed after the travel is completed. The Administrative Officer will add official travelers’ names to the ATC authorized list prior to booking.

MLA will pay only expenses not covered by the member’s institution.

Travel from home to the airport, airport to meeting destination, meeting destination to the airport, and airport to home are eligible for reimbursement. (extrapolated from Minutes, 05/2006)

For reimbursement for travel by car, MLA will pay the cost of gas, tolls and parking, rather than the
IRS mileage rates, not to exceed the cost of reasonable airfare (Board minutes, 05/2013, 09.g)

MLA reimburses no more than 50% of the U.S. General Services Administration per diem rate for meals and incidental costs for all association travel (Board minutes, 06/2012, 09.g). Receipts are not required for the per diem, and should not be submitted for meals and incidental expenses.

Board lodging and per diem for the winter Board meeting will only be funded for the days prior to the beginning of the conference (Board minutes, 06/2012, 09.g). MLA will not cover transportation to and from the meeting (Board minutes, 05/2013, 09.g)

Members of the Board must stay in the conference hotel at the annual meeting in order to receive reimbursement for lodging. (Minutes, 02/2004, X.C)

For incoming Board members, MLA will cover lodging and half per diem only for the days before the annual meeting. MLA will not cover transportation to and from the meeting (Board minutes,
05/2013, 09.g)

Expenses for the Vice-President’s travel to and from one chapter meeting per year (outside the Vice- President/Past President's own chapter) may be approved by the Board. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate. (Handbook II.C.3)

AMS/MLA Joint Committee on RISM: exceptions to standard travel policy
MLA members of the AMS/MLA Joint Committee on RISM are given a limited reimbursement (half of airfare) from AMS for travel to the AMS Annual Meeting, where the committee meeting is typically held. Reimbursement from MLA for other travel expenses related to attending this meeting, including the balance of transportation costs, up to two nights’ lodging, two days’ per diem (at 50% of the government rate for the location), and registration, is only for that part of the specified expenses not covered by committee members’ home institutions. See the section of this Handbook on Per diem. Requests for reimbursement accompanied by receipts are submitted to the Administrative Officer. (Finance Committee minutes, 02/2011).

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