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Most of us came to music librarianship and MLA with the support of at least one music librarian who took the time to give us guidance, advice, and early mentoring. In the past year, several long-standing figures who have been influential librarians, teachers, and colleagues retired, and these folks have generously agreed to "endorse” one (or two!) of MLA’s funds to encourage giving to that particular fund. For each of them, their selected fund reflects what they value and appreciate in MLA, giving you an opportunity to support a cause they value and, in turn, pay forward the support you received from them.

Here’s how this works: If you want to honor one of these members, go to MLA’s donations page for their designated fund by clicking on the links below. Choose either the socially responsible option or the regular donation. In the "Donor Comments” section, note the person you wish to honor. It’s that simple! We’ll track the donations and list our honorees on the "Donors” page of the web site (updated at the end of the fiscal year) as well as give a card to each honoree listing the donors who honored them during this initiative.

Our retirees who have so kindly agreed to support this initiative and their "pet” funds include:

Morris Martin

MLA Fund
MLA Fund, socially responsible 

Nancy Nuzzo

Carol June Bradley Research Award
Carol June Bradley Research Award, socially responsible

Gerry Ostrove

Lenore Coral IAML Travel Grant
Lenore Coral IAML Travel Grant, socially responsible

Michael Ochs / Notes Fund
Michael Ochs / Notes Fund, socially responsible

Brad Young

Kevin Freeman Travel Grant
Kevin Freeman Travel Grant, socially responsible


Of course, you are most welcome to make a donation in honor of anyone at any time using this same strategy. It can be a great way of recognizing the support provided to you by your mentors while extending that support to others.



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