Annual Conference Materials: Sound Recordings

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Copyright and Institutional Sound Recordings (Orlando 2017: Eric Harbeson)

A Music Migration: Exploring the Latin American Music Collections at the University of New Mexico (Orlando 2017: Amy Jackson, Suzanne Schadl)

Ontologies, BIBFRAME, and Linked Data for Performed Music: MLA's Role in It All (Orlando 2017: Tracey Snyder, Kimmy Szeto, Nancy Lorimer, Kevin Kishimoto, James Soe Nyun, Kirk-Evan Billet, Michael Colby)
PPT (Snyder) | TEXT (Snyder) | PPT (Billet/Soe Nyun) | TEXT (Billet/Soe Nyun) | PPT (Kishimoto/Lorimer) | TEXT (Kishimoto/Lorimer)

The future of our CD collections: Evaluation of a new acquisition model (Cincinnati 2016: Houman Behzadi, Kyra Folk-Farber)

Sounds of Stanford and the Bay Area: Embedding the Stanford Digital Repository into teaching and learning (Cincinnati 2016: Best of Chapters Award: Jonathan Manton)

WorldCat Discovery: Updates from the MLA/MOUG OCLC Search and Discovery Task Force (Cincinnati 2016: Michael Duffy)


Brother, Can You Spare a Track? 21st-Century Online-Only Recording Collection in Crisis (Denver 2015: Judy Tsou)



The Denis Condon Collection of Reproducing Pianos and Rolls (Denver 2015: Jonathan Manton, Jerry McBride)



Exhausted Yet? a 15 Minute Crash Course in the First Sale Doctrine (Denver 2015: Eric Harbeson)



How Relevant are Audio Reserves in Music Libraries? (Denver 2015: Joe Clark, Amanda Evans)



Music Collections and Fair Use: Envisioning a Way Forward (Denver 2015: Kathleen De Laurenti, Brandon Butler, Peter Jaszi)


Sound Quality 2: Digital Boogaloo (Denver 2015: Andrew Justice)

Video Game Music and Academic Libraries: Creation, Community, and Collections (Denver 2015: Joy Doan, David Gilbert, Simon Lee)



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