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CMC Town Hall (Orlando 2017: Tracey Snyder, Mary Huismann, Casey Mullin, James Soe Nyun, Damien Iseminger, Kirk-Evan Billet, Christopher Holden)
PPT (Billet/Soe Nyun) | PPT (Holden Iseminger) | TEXT (Holden/Iseminger) | PPT (Huismann/Iseminger) | TEXT (Huismann/Iseminger) | PPT (Mullin) | TEXT (Mullin) | PPT (Soe Nyun) | TEXT (Soe Nyun)

It's Happening Now: Two Developments Using Music Ontologies (Orlando 2017: Tracey Snyder, Kimmy Szeto, Jean Delahousse)
PPT (Snyder) | PPT (Szeto)

More than a Melody : Providing graphical subject access to sheet music (Orlando 2017: Garth Tardy)

Ontologies, BIBFRAME, and Linked Data for Performed Music: MLA's Role in It All (Orlando 2017: Tracey Snyder, Kimmy Szeto, Nancy Lorimer, Kevin Kishimoto, James Soe Nyun, Kirk-Evan Billet, Michael Colby)
PPT (Snyder) | TEXT (Snyder) | PPT (Billet/Soe Nyun) | TEXT (Billet/Soe Nyun) | PPT (Kishimoto/Lorimer) | TEXT (Kishimoto/Lorimer)

Music Discovery Requirements and Formats (Cincinnati 2016: Christopher Holden)

American Vernacular Music Manuscripts, ca. 1730-1910: Collections from the Center for Popular Music and the American Antiquarian Society (Denver 2015: Grover Baker, Drew Beisswenger)


The Denis Condon Collection of Reproducing Pianos and Rolls (Denver 2015: Jonathan Manton, Jerry McBride)



MARC to BIBFRAME: an Exploration of the Future of Cataloging (Denver 2015: Kimmy Szeto, Nancy Lorimer, Casey Mullin, Michael Colby)



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