Annual Conference Materials: Education

View or download Powerpoint slides, PDF files, handouts, video, and other materials from past annual conference presentations.

Flipping Music Bibliography (Orlando 2017: Carl Rahkonen)

Music Instruction (Public Library Style) (Orlando 2017: David King, Laurie Bailey, Carolyn Dow)

Research as Process and Play: Active Learning Approaches for Music Instruction in One-Shot Settings (Orlando 2017: Ann Shaffer)

PPT (includes additional scenario)

Can Your Students Get Jobs? Library Help for Music Students' Career Preparation (Cincinnati 2016: Rachel Fox Von Swearingen, Marci Cohen, Veronica Wells)

Curriculum Development for Music Librarianship: a Delphi Study (Denver 2015: Johanna Groh)

The MLS Paraprofessional: [Making the Best of] Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining Professionals in Paraprofessional Positions (Denver 2015: Michelle Hahn, Kristen Heider, Sara Outhier)



Teaching Music Librarianship Online (Denver 2015: Sonia Archer-Capuzzo)




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