Annual Conference Materials: Collection Development

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Achieving Balance: Triumphs and Trials of Collection Management (Orlando 2017: Sara Nodine)


Seeing the Trends: Data Visualization and Developing a Local Music Collection (Orlando 2017: Stephanie Lewin-Lane, Mary Manning)


A Patron Driven Acquisition Model for Print Music Scores and Monographs via the Online Catalog (Cincinnati 2016: Alan Asher)


After WorldCat Selection (Cincinnati 2016: Bonna Boettcher, Darwin Scott, Mike Duffy)



Expecting the Unexpected: Gifts Workflows in Technical Services (Cincinnati 2016: Kerri Baunach, Jennifer Olson, Michelle Hahn, Charles Peters)



The future of our CD collections: Evaluation of a new acquisition model (Cincinnati 2016: Houman Behzadi, Kyra Folk-Farber)


How Much of BML4 is Available Online? Some Genre/Format Prelim Findings (Cincinnati 2016: Misti Shaw, Carol Lubkowski)

OCLC’S WorldCat Compared: Reflections on FirstSearch vs. Discovery as a Collection Development Tool (Cincinnati 2016: Darwin Scott)
PDF (text) | PDF (slides)


WorldCat Discovery: Updates from the MLA/MOUG OCLC Search and Discovery Task Force (Cincinnati 2016: Michael Duffy)



Building World Music Collections: Latin America: Caribbean, South and Central America (Denver 2015: Liza Vick)

Building World Music Collections: Latin America: Mexico & the Southwestern US (Denver 2015: Joe Clark)

The Direction Things are Heading... a Place We Don't Want to End Up / Advocacy in the Digital Sphere (Denver 2015: Lisa Hooper, Houman Behzadi, Darwin Scott)



Transforming Collections and Rethinking Acquisitions Budgets: Information Needs and Preferences of Performing Arts Students (Denver 2015: Joe Clark)

PDF (text) | PDF (slides) | VIDEO


Video Game Music and Academic Libraries: Creation, Community, and Collections (Denver 2015: Joy Doan, David Gilbert, Simon Lee)



Web Archiving for Music History (Denver 2015: Kent Underwood, Robin Preiss)






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