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Repository for Music Information Literacy 2 C. Crenshaw Hi all -Framework Group: I agree with Clayton that contacting those who have demonstrated an interest in the Framework with their research would be a good first step, and then we could put out a call for volunteers after that if necessary.CORA or an MLA-Specific Repository: After our conversation earlier this year about the importance of peer-review for the repository, it seems like Katie's Wordpress idea would be a good solution. If Katie is willing to help with the set-up, I think this sounds like a great way to incorporate many of suggestions we got from members and, as Katie said, pave the way for other MLA projects. However, I understand that it would be quite a bit of work, so I still think CORA would be a perfectly good alternative if necessary. Or maybe an interim repository while the other platform is built?If we do decide to give this a shot, I'm happy to provide an example or two for Katie to use.
by M. Goodsett
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
2017 Annual Meeting 32 C. Crenshaw That's too bad! If you ever wanted to publish something or present your findings at another conference, let me know Clayton! I'm planning on continuing with my study anyways. :)-Mandi
by M. Goodsett
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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