Music Library Association 86th Annual Meeting
22-26 February 2017 in Orlando, FL

Friday, February 24, 3:30pm-4:25pm

It's Happening Now: Two developments using music ontologies

This session has moved from Salon 6-7-8 to Ballroom A.

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Presentation 1: DOREMUS is a research project that aims i) to propose an extension of the FRBRoo ontology to specifically describe musical resources and ii) to publish linked open datasets of several large catalogs coming from the French National Library (BnF), the Philharmonie of Paris and the French public service radio broadcaster (Radio France), that are originally described in MARC and ad-hoc XML formats. In the perspective of data interoperability between those datasets, the DOREMUS project has also encoded in SKOS a number of controlled vocabularies for describing keys, modes, derivations, musical genres or medium of performances including voices by re-using and enhancing existing resources (e.g. IAML, Rameau). We will present the different tools we have developed for converting and interlinking the legacy musical records metadata and we will demonstrate two applications that enable i) to visualize controlled vocabularies and ii) to explore this rich set of linked open data across institutions.

Presentation 2: With the announcement of the BIBFRAME 2.0 data model in April 2016, the Library of Congress, rather than comprehensively translating MARC, is now focusing development on the high level framework while leaving “hooks” for external vocabularies for specialized area. With the door opened by LC for ontology development, this is a unique moment for a re-examination of elements of description for music resources. Building on the preliminary exploratory work of the MLA BIBFRAME Task Force in 2015, I have continued research specifically on the medium of performance. In this presentation, I examine the variations on how this element of description is conceived in various sets of cataloging rules, and the many problems that has raised and resolved. I will offer an analysis of its relationship with FRBR Work/Expression/Manifestation, the MARC encoding, and the BIBFRAME Work/Instance, as well as an attempt to use linked data structures to untangle its constituent ensembles, instruments, parts, and performers.

  • Speakers
    • Jean Delahouse, DOREMUS
    • Kimmy Szeto, Baruch College
  • Location
    • Ballroom A
  • Live Streaming?
    • No

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