Technical Reports and Monographs in Music Librarianship


Series Description

The series publishes books on aspects of music librarianship and the profession not covered in its Basic Manual series, including investigations of metadata for music, cataloging issues, collection development, fundraising, preservation, and other topics. The format allows authors to explore these topics in depth, with each book intended as a self-contained reference. The proposal guidelines are available online and you are welcome to contact the series editor to discuss proposal in detail.

Titles within the Technical Reports Series are co-published with A-R Editions. Current titles are available for purchase from A-R Editions.

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Jonathan Sauceda (appointed 2016)
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  1. Careers in Music Librarianship III: Reality and Reinvention (2014)
  2. Directions in Music Cataloging (March 2012)
  3. Uniform Titles for Music (March 2008)
  4. Shelflisting Music: Guidelines for Use with the Library of Congress Classification: M (Second Edition, 2008)
  5. Careers in Music Librarianship II: Traditions and Transitions (February 2004)
  6. Cataloging Sheet Music: Guidelines for Use with AACR2 and the MARC Format (June 2003)
  7. Music Librarianship at the Turn of the Century (November 2000)
  8. Guide to Writing Collection Development Policies for Music (February 2001)
  9. Cataloging Musical Moving Image Material (1996)
  10. World Music in Music Libraries (1994)
  11. Knowing the Score: Preserving Collections of Music (1994)
  12. Collection Assessment in Music Libraries (1994)
  13. Archival Information Processing for Sound Recordings (1992)
  14. Space Utilization in Music Libraries (1992)
  15. In Celebration of Revised 780: Music in the Dewey Decimal Classification (1990)
  16. Careers in Music Librarianship: Perspectives from the Field (1991)
  17. Planning and Caring for Library Audio Facilities (1989)
  18. Authority Control in Music Libraries: Proceedings of the Music Library Association Preconference, March 5, 1985 (1989)
  19. Sheet Music Cataloging and Processing (1984)
  20. Library of Congress Subject Headings for Recordings of Western Non-Classical Music (1983)
  21. The MARC Music Format : From Inception to Publication (1982)
  22. Index to Audio Equipment Reviews, 1981 (1982)
  23. The Acquisition and Cataloging of Music and Sound Recordings: A Glossary (1984)
  24. Index to audio equipment reviews, 1980 (1981)
  25. Shelflisting Music : Guidelines for Use with the Library of Congress Classification, M (1981)
  26. Index to Audio Equipment Reviews, 1979 (1980)
  27. Shelving Capacity in the Music Library (1981)
  28. Index to Audio Equipment Reviews, 1978 (1979)
  29. Recordings of Non-Western Music, Subject and Added Entry Access (1977)
  30. The Classification and Cataloging of Sound Recordings : An Annotated Bibliography (1977) 2nd Edition (1981)
  31. Proceedings of the Institute on Library of Congress Music Cataloging Policies and Procedures (1975)
  32. Directory of music library automation projects (1979)
  33. SLACC: the partial use of the shelf list as a classed catalog (1973)

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