Recently Filled Positions

Announcements are made at the request of the institution or individual who has successfully filled the position. Please send announcements to Sara Outhier, the MLA Placement Officer.

Date Name Position Organization
 01/03/17 Allison McClanahan Collections and Cataloging Librarian at the Archives of Traditional Music Indiana University
 12/02/16 Lisa Wollenberg Public Services Librarian University of Hartford
 01/17/17 Kevin McLaughlin Library Director Cleveland Institute of Music
 11/16/16 Casey Mullin Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services Western Washington University
 10/17/16 Matt Testa Archivist Arthur Friedheim Library at the Peabody Institute
 10/27/16 Michelle Urberg Metadata Librarian ProQuest (Ex Libris)
11/01/16 Jenny Doctor Head of the Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library University of Cincinnati
09/15/16 Mary Huismann Music Catalog Librarian St. Olaf College
09/01/16 Monica Figueroa
Music Cataloging Librarian
Un. of North Carolina Chapel Hill
 08/15/16 Frank Ferko Sound Archives Librarian Stanford University
08/02/16 Sylvia Yang
Music and Performing Arts Librarian
DePauw University
07/25/16 Dustin Ludeman
Music Cataloger (Senior Librarian)
New York Public Library
07/11/16 Sara Outhier
Music Librarian for Digital and Audio Services
University of North Texas
05/20/16 Jonathan Sauceda
MLA Technical Reports Editor
Music Library Association
03/21/16 Synae Yoon
Music & Media Catalog/Metadata Librarian
Southern Methodist University
01/25/16 Rahni Kennedy
Music Catalog & Media/Metadata Librarian
Southern Methodist University
01/29/16 Ethan Helm
Senior Circulation Administrator
The Juilliard School
01/29/16 Megan Shove
Technical Services Assistant
The Juilliard School
01/19/16 Andrew Justice
Head of the Music Library
University of Southern California
01/04/16 Matthew Vest
Music Inquiry and Research Librarian UCLA
12/01/15 Patrick Sifuentes Public Services Music Librarian Northwestern University
02/01/16 Jonathan Manton
Music Librarian for Access Services
Yale University
12/01/15 Matt Ertz
Music Librarian
University of Louisville
11/30/15 Marci Cohen
Assistant Head, Music Library
Boston University
11/12/15 Jennifer Cheney Laski
Music Librarian
Elizabeth City State University
11/02/15 Michelle Hahn
Assistant Librarian, Sound Recordings Cataloger
Indiana University
08/03/15 Laura Thompson
Reference/Music Librarian
Central Michigan University
08/03/15 Jared Rex
Music Librarian
College of the Holy Cross
 08/03/15 Kellie Cliver
Outreach Librarian
Roberts Wesleyan College
07/20/15 Brittany Nielson
Collection Services/Processing Manager, Web Editor, Digital Projects Asst.
Princeton University
07/13/15 Jennifer Meixelsperger Public Services Manager (Special Collections Assistant V)  Princeton University
07/01/15 Michael Crowley Head of the Music Library City College of New York
06/26/15 James Procell Director, Dwight Anderson Music Library University of Louisville
06/01/15 Abbey Thompson
Music Librarian
Northern Illinois University
07/01/15 Patrick Fulton
Research Services Librarian
Cleveland Institute of Music
05/21/15 Sally Bauer
Media Librarian
Juilliard School
Colin Bitter Cataloging Specialist
Westminster Choir College of Rider University
Anna E. Kijas Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian Boston College
04/08/15 Casey Mullin
Music Cataloger (Librarian II) New York Public Library
02/25/15 Maddie Dietrich Diehn Composers Room Supervisor Old Dominion University
01/21/15 Lindy Smith Reference Archivist Bowling Green State University
11/12/14 Kyra Folk-Farber Evolving Workforce Resident: Assistant Music Librarian University of California Santa Barbara
10/13/14 Michael Duffy
Performing Arts Librarian
Western Michigan University
09/15/14 Taylor Greene Performing Arts Librarian Chapman University
07/01/14 Catherine Busselen Performing Arts Cataloger/Metadata Librarian University of California, Santa Barbara
06/23/14 Eric Mortensen
Digital Media Librarian
The Juilliard School
Stephanie Lewin-Lane
Coordinator of the Music Library
University of Houston
Carol Lubkowski
Public Services Librarian
University of Hartford
03/31/14 Matthew Vest Music Librarian
University of Virginia
03/03/14 Anna Alfeld
Music Cataloger
Indiana University
03/03/14 Evan Baker
Acting Head, Music Library
University of Southern California
Drew Beisswenger
Reference and Information Technologies Librarian
Center for Popular Music (Middle Tennessee State University)
Katie Buehner
Head, Rita Benton Music Library
University of Iowa
Patricia Sasser
Music Librarian
Furman University
10/15/13 Molly O’Brien Media Librarian
Curtis Institute of Music
Tom Moore
Digital Media Librarian
Florida International University
Rachel Morris
Music Cataloger
Center for Popular Music (Middle Tennessee State University
John Hitchock
Music Cataloger
Center for Popular Music (Middle Tennessee State University
Sarah Bilotta
Music Library Assistant
College of the Holy Cross
Abbey Thompson
Special Collections Assistant V
Princeton University
Elin Williams
Music Librarian
Victoria Conservatory of Music
09/03/13 Jennifer Vaughn Technical Specialist Syracuse University
Angela Pratesi
Fine and Performing Arts Librarian
University of Northern Iowa
08/19/13 Jonathan Sauceda
Music and Performing ARts Librarian
Rutgers University
08/01/13 Rachel Weiss Music Librarian St. Olaf College
07/11/13 David Larsen Director of Libraries The Society of the Four Arts
07/02/13 Grover Baker User Services Librarian-Visual and Performing Arts Middle Tennessee State University
Dain Lopez
French Cataloger
University of Santa Barbara
Marlene Moreno
Spanish and Portuguese Cataloger
University of Santa Barbara
Mark McKnight
Head of the Music Library and Ozier Sound Archives
University of North Texas
Ruthann B. McTyre
Music Librarian
Yale University
Sandy Rodriguez
Archivist MLA
Susannah Cleveland
Development Officer
03/02/13 Verletta Kern
Web Manager

Positions filled January 2002-February 2013 (pdf)


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