MLA Outreach Program Instructor Requirements

Educational Outreach Program Instructor Requirements

Interested in teaching music librarianship workshops for the Educational Outreach Program (EOP)? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact the chair of the EOP, Grover Baker, at or (616) 494-7784 and fill out a biography/contact information form. Indicate the workshop that you are interested in teaching and your MLA chapter affiliation.
  2. Become familiar with the learning objectives for the workshop that you'd like to teach. Information is available under "Learning Objectives" for each workshop at Workshop Descriptions.
  3. Attend an EOP "model workshop." See the Workshop Calendar for upcoming workshops. Fill out the "Workshop Evaluation Form" (available from the chair) and submit/discuss it with the EOP chair.
  4. Attend the EOP instructor meeting at the annual MLA meeting.


  • Member in good standing of the Music Library Association
  • Library degree from an ALA accredited institution
  • Willingness to adhere to the EOP workshop curriculum as outlined in the "Learning Objectives" for each workshop
  • Employed as a librarian for at least 5 years
  • Extensive knowledge in the EOP workshop topic
  • Teaching experience beneficial

Other information:

  • There is no mandate on the number of workshops that each EOP instructor must teach each year.
  • Workshops that are given under the auspices of the Music Library Association's EOP must be reported to the chair, and active communication with the chair is strongly encouraged.
  • Instructors are highly encouraged to attend the continuing education workshops for EOP instructors at the MLA annual meetings.
  • New instructors are often paired with experienced instructors for the first few workshops that they teach.
  • Travel money is available for those instructors who travel to teach the workshops in the EOP.

For more information, please contact Grover Baker at or (615) 494-7784.


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