Annual Conference Materials: Public Services

View or download Powerpoint slides, PDF files, handouts, video, and other materials from past annual conference presentations.



Blacklight Updates, Opinions and Questions (Orlando 2017: Charles Peters, Rachael Cohen)

Outreach with a Personal Touch: Takeaways and Tips from a Personal Librarian Program (Orlando 2017: Amanda Evans, Joe Clark)

The "Black Box": How students use a single search box to search for music materials (Orlando 2017: Kirstin Dougan, Nara Newcomer)

Best practices for being an ally to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in a library environment (Orlando 2017: Holling Smith-Borne, Maddie Dietrich)

Where Do They Look: Music Information Seeking Behavior in the Digital Age (Orlando 2017: Nara Newcomer)

Musical Pop-ups: Performances in Unexpected Places for National Poetry Month, 2015 (Cincinnati 2016: Michael Duffy)



No Information Literacy, No Graduation! Incorporating music information literacy into undergraduate degree requirements (Cincinnati 2016: Taylor Greene, Scott Stone)


Public Services Town Hall (Cincinnati 2016: Tom Bickley, moderator)

Smart Shifting for Less Maintenance (Cincinnati 2016: Clayton Crenshaw)


Experimental Music at the Library (Denver 2015: Steve Kemple)



Exploring a Faceted World: Discovering Music Resources Using Medium of Performance and Genre Terms (Denver 2015: Kevin Kishimoto, Hermine Vermeij, Casey Mullin, Beth Iseminger)



Picture the Music: Planning Library Spaces with a Photo Elicitation Study (Denver 2015: Nara Newcomer)





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