Collection Development/Acquisitions Workshop

Learning Objectives

By the end of the Music Collection Development/Acquisitions Workshop, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify and distinguish music material formats and iterations
    • Sound recording formats
    • Score types
    • Outdated formats still found in library collections
  2. Know basic tools in selecting music materials
    • Using A Basic Music Library
    • Using book, score and sound recording reviews
    • Using approval plans and standing orders
    • Identification of major vendors
    • Searching for obscure items
  3. Know how to create and maintain a music collection development policy
    • Looking at examples of CD policies
    • Elements of a CD policy
    • Writing policy
    • Using CD policy for making selection/deselection decisions
  4. Know how to evaluate a music collection; make decisions on deselection, preservation, replacement
    • How to make a physical evaluation on various formats
    • To toss or not to toss?
    • Portions of copyright law that have an impact on collection
    • development practices
  5. Discern collection requirements based on the needs of the collection’s users
    • Assessing your patron base
    • Obtaining feedback
    • Use of circ and other stats in aiding selection
    • Marketing

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