Notes Style Sheet


    • CMS16, 11.6, recommends that English-language translations of foreign-language titles (when needed) be given in parentheses, capitalized sentence style. Notes, howeveruses regular English-language title capitalization (headline style) for the translated title. Use the following as examples:

      • Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) for books/works

      • "An die Musik" ("To Music") for song titles given in quotation marks

      • "wahres Rasen" (truly raving) for translations of quoted phrases

      • campane (bells) for translations of terms (CMS16, 7.50)


    • When using foreign words and phrases within the context of a sentence, use italics:
    • The passage should be played allegro ma non troppo.
    • When quoting foreign words and phrases as appellations, however, do not italicize; use quotation marks instead (CMS14, 6.76).

      • These parts are marked "Stimmen"; the prelude is marked "allegro ma non troppo."

      • Antoine Mahaut's appellation "sonate da camera" in the title of his VI sonate da camera a tre is perhaps misleading.

    • To indicate translations into other languages of a city name, term, etc., use the following form:
      now mostly in Bratislava (Hung. Pozsony; Ger. Pressburg)