Notes Style Sheet


  • Series titles should be in roman with headline title capitalization (CMS16, 8.174).
  • Abbreviated series titles (RISM, etc.) should be in roman.
  • Titles (and title abbreviations) of all closed sets (whether yet complete or not) should be in italics when the title appears in prose (CMS16, 14.130). Note: This rule includes titles for composer complete works—examples:
    • The first symphony is published in Das Erbe deutscher Musik, but the second one is published in the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, vol. 4/11/1 (Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1984).
    • The appearance of the full score in volume three of the New Edition of the Complete Works (known as the New Berlioz Edition or NBE) is a cause for celebration.