Music Library Association 86th Annual Meeting
22-26 February 2017 in Orlando, FL

Thursday, February 23, 12:00pm-12:25pm

For love of vinyl

In January of 2015, the Waltz Music Library’s collection of 20,000 LPs was transferred to off-site storage. Their status was non-circulating; patrons could request records for library-use only. Then, a few months later, lending was accidentally turned on, and LPs circulated via our library consortium, Prospector. The error was corrected two months later. But, in that time, 231 LPs circulated. This was a complete surprise for a number of reasons: vinyl is an obsolete format for most users, there was no announcement about the change, the collection was not promoted, and only 258 LPs circulated in all of 2014. Consortial lending for this collection was permanently turned on November 29, 2015, and in the first four months of 2016, 323 LPs have circulated. In this presentation, I will examine the types of music that borrowers are requesting in analog format. Do they have a choice between an LP and a CD or streaming audio? Was this the only format available? Are there certain music genres represented in LP that have not made their way into digital formats? And the biggest wildcard of all – was this the format the patron thought they were getting? Additionally, I will report on my initiative to permanently turn on lending for this collection and how our team is tackling the challenges inherent with this delicate format.

  • Speakers
    • Stephanie Bonjack, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Location
    • Grand Ballroom A
  • Live Streaming?
    • Yes

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