Music Library Association 86th Annual Meeting
22-26 February 2017 in Orlando, FL

Saturday, February 25, 2:30pm-3:25pm

Seeing the Trends: Data Visualization and Developing a Local Music Collection (Stephanie Lewin-Lane, University of Houston; Mary Manning

The University of Houston (UH) Local Music Collection is an archival and lending collection featuring important historical and contemporary musicians and acts in the Houston area. Co-curated by Stephanie Lewin-Lane, Coordinator of the Music Library, and Mary Manning, curator for Performing and Visual Arts Collections in Special Collections, The UH Local Music Collection preserves and provides access to popular music, including, but not limited to blues, jazz, rock, conjunto, zydeco, country, rock, and folk music. In order to select and prioritize acts and performers to include in the collection, a considerable amount of data is being gathered and analyzed. To provide users with interactive visualizations of this data, Daniel Pshock, University of Houston UX & Web Content Strategy Coordinator Librarian, is using Tableau software to highlight relationships between various factors. These visualizations allow users to explore relationships between genres, gender, active performing years, whether it is tied to an existing special collection, and more. During our presentation, we will discuss our data gathering and decision-making processes, as well as give a demonstration and explanation of the live browser-based data visualizations. We will also provide links to information with list of resources.


  • Speakers
    • Stephanie Lewin-Lane, University of Houston
    • Mary Manning, University of Houston
    • Joshua Been, University of Houston
  • Location
    • Salon 6,7, 8
  • Live Streaming?
    • No

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