Music Library Association 86th Annual Meeting
22-26 February 2017 in Orlando, FL
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Saturday, February 25, 12:30pm-12:55pm

Impact of Funding Changes on music collections in Canadian academic music libraries

In recent years, university library budgets have experienced cuts due to changing institutional priorities and adjustments in government allocations for higher education. In 2015, the Canadian dollar lost much of its value against its U.S. counterpart and Canadian libraries had to devise contingency measures to overcome their inevitable budgetary deficits. Many research libraries across the country experienced reductions and in some cases, a temporary freeze of the collection acquisition funds to compensate for these cuts. Given that the music libraries’ collection budgets are not immune from the adjustments to the overall library acquisition funds, we decided to administer a survey to capture a more accurate and meaningful take on the state of music collection development in Canada. This presentation will discuss the results of survey research that aims to answer the following question: how are music library collections being affected by changes in academic library funding? Details of the survey development and administration will be discussed. We hope the findings will establish a foundation to build on the scholarly dialogue surrounding music collection development by presenting survey data on the big picture of music collections in Canada. For the professional community, these findings benefit collections librarians and academic libraries by providing strategies for dealing with music collections budget cuts and a comprehensive summary of how music libraries are allocating funds. The results of this survey will also focus on how changes in music collections budgets are affecting the purchasing power of academic music libraries, and identify strategies being used in various institutions to counter these challenges. By understanding how music collections are changing, we hope to have a better understanding of how music collections managers may work together to address shortfalls with consideration for local, national and international priorities.

  • Speakers
    • Houman Behzadi, University of Toronto
    • Carolyn Doi, University of Saskatchewan
  • Location
    • Grand Ballroom A
  • Live Streaming?
    • Yes

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