Saturday, March 5th, 2:30pm

No Information Literacy? No Graduation! Incorporating music information literacy into undergraduate degree requirements

Chapman University's Performing Arts Librarian designed a series of one-shot music information literacy courses to systematically address the changing needs of music students as they progress through all four years of their studies. These zero-credit, 90 minute courses have been incorporated as once/year curriculum requirements for the students to successfully graduate. Because this sequence of courses is designed by the Performing Arts Librarian to meet the breadth of information needs of music students, it offers significant advantages over the standard model of one-shot classes designed to help students achieve needs related to specific assignments. Students entering Chapman University in the fall of 2014 were the first class with this new graduation requirement. In addition to describing the current program, this session will address how this program was implemented and various challenges already encountered, such as the turnover of the Performing Arts Librarian position, scheduling of the classes, how to handle transfer students, and planning of content.

  • Speakers
    • Taylor Greene, Chapman University
    • Scott Stone, University of California, Irvine

Analyzing the Information Literacy Skills of First-Year Music Majors

What information literacy skills do first-year music majors have? The librarians at the University of the Pacific are using the Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (SAILS) knowledge test to assess students as part of an institution-wide information literacy assessment initiative. Results from the SAILS Test provide data on how students score within eight skill sets. The study was conducted with 800 first-year students and is providing librarians, teaching faculty, and university administrators with a snapshot of first-year students’ strengths and weaknesses. The music librarian will use results from this assessment to start conversations with music faculty about the ways these skills are being developed throughout the curriculum. This presentation will explain how this study was administered and how the music librarian is using the data in the ongoing mission to help students become better information literate musicians and citizens.

  • Speaker
    • Veronica Wells, University of the Pacific
  • Location
    • Pavilion/Caprice
  • Live Streaming?
    • Yes

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