Friday, March 4th, 4:00pm

Best of Chapters: Sounds of Stanford and the Bay Area: embedding the Stanford Digital Repository into teaching and learning

The Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound has taken an active role in two media-rich courses at Stanford in the past year, one in the Music Department and the other in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, to encourage students to deposit their final projects into the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR). The purpose of working with these courses was primarily to introduce students to the SDR and its many benefits, and to walk them through the process of personally depositing their work to the SDR via a self-deposit tool which was launched in 2013. This introduction was backed up by online screencasts that guided students through the deposit process for the particular sets of materials they would produce as part of the course. The rate of deposit into the SDR for both courses was extremely high as the professors in each case decided to make this a mandatory part of the courses' requirements. Additionally, this initiative served to provide customized library instruction and reference support for both courses, and introduced students to issues surrounding digital preservation and the need to preserve born-digital materials.

  • Speakers
    • Jonathan Manton, Yale University
  • Location
    • Pavilion/Caprice
  • Live Streaming?
    • Yes

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