Thursday, March 3rd, 5:00pm

Research Data Management and the Music Disciplines

Research data management is quickly becoming a major focus within academic libraries. As a number of reports and initiatives indicate, research data management is one of the key growth areas in academic libraries, and an example of the type of work that academic librarians can specialize in to support users further “upstream” in their research process. While librarians and faculty within the sciences and social sciences have an intuitive understanding of what data is, this is less clearly defined within the arts. As a result, data management services for the arts are falling behind data management services in other disciplines. This session will examine the data used, created, and curated by music performers, and will explore ways in which our libraries can better support and curate these data.

  • Speakers
    • Amy Jackson, University of New Mexico
  • Location
    • Rookwood
  • Live Streaming?
    • No

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