The additions of 2005 to the Types of compositions for use in music uniform titles

This document is for historical purposes only. For the current list of types of composition, please see Types of Composition for Use in Authorized Access Points for Music : A Manual for Use with RDA.

This document lists the additions or changes to the list of Types of compositions for use in music uniform titles, the Final report of the Working Group on Types of Compositions. Additions or changes to existing entries are added in bold blue. Deletions are struck out bold. New entries are in plain, black type.


Several diacritics are not available as text, only as images, in Web format. When a term includes a diacritic that is not available, the affected letters in the term will be linked to its image in this section of the document.

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  • Beguine/Beguines
    • TYPE (English, German, Italian, Spanish); a social dance popular in Europe and American from the 1930s, with a rhythm similar to that of the bolero; use for béguine, bigin, biguine. LCNAF nr00-36825
  • Canzonetta/Canzonettas
    • TYPE (Italian); originally a late 16th-century Italian part-song that began to be used for solo songs in the 17th century; use for vocal works (whatever their medium) and instrumental pieces so titled regardless of period of composition works of Italian origin or influence. LCNAF n89-646645
  • Dirge
    • DISTINCTIVE (English); a mournful song for burial or memorial rites or an instrumental piece expressive of similar sentiments. LCNAF n90-712561
  • Romanzetta/Romanzettas
    • TYPE (Italian); use for both vocal and instrumental works.
  • Sonata movement/Sonata movements
    • TYPE (English) LCNAF n2005-10688
  • Sonatensatz/Sonatensätze
    • TYPE (German) LCNAF n2004-79718
  • Tambourin/Tambourins
    • TYPE (English, French); an 18th-century French dance with a lively melody and regular, static bass simulating a drum, usually in duple meter; found in the theatrical works of Rameau and others and as purely instrumental works.
  • Trumpet tune/Trumpet tunes
    • TYPE (English) LCNAF n2005-4323