The additions of 2004 to the Types of compositions for use in music uniform titles

This document is for historical purposes only. For the current list of types of composition, please see Types of Composition for Use in Authorized Access Points for Music : A Manual for Use with RDA.

This document lists the additions or changes to the list of Types of compositions for use in music uniform titles, the Final report of the Working Group on Types of Compositions. Additions or changes to existing entries are added in bold blue. Deletions are struck out bold. New entries are in plain, black type.


Several diacritics are not available as text, only as images, in Web format. When a term includes a diacritic that is not available, the affected letters in the term will be linked to its image in this section of the document.

There should be a miagkii znak (not available as an image) at the apostrophe (representing the miagkii znak) from which this is linked. The miagkii znak occupies a space rather than appearing over a letter. A miagkii znak can appear in the following languages appearing in this document: Russian

  • Cavatina/Cavatinas
    • DISTINCTIVE TYPE (English, Italian, Spanish); originally signified a short opera aria; now an aria-like vocal piece or a song-like instrumental work; use for independent works titled as such, not for individual cavatinas within operas; use for cavatine, kavatina, Kavatine. LCNAF n94-71214 LCCN 90-750321
  • Cavatine
    • DISTINCTIVE (French); use cavatina. LCNAF no97-64145
  • Dal/Dalok
    • TYPE (Hungarian); use as a type only when applied to vocal works; see Song for treatment; apply MCD 25.27A1 footnote 10 when applied to instrumental works. LCNAF n91-35082
  • Guajira/Guajiras
    • TYPE (Spanish); a Cuban narrative song form, usually in 6/8 alternating with 3/4; used as a type for vocal works; for other works, apply MCD 25.27A1, footnote 10. LCNAF n2001-68424
  • Harmonie
    • DISTINCTIVE (French, German); use harmony.
  • Harmony/Harmonies
    • TYPE DISTINCTIVE (English); use for works for wind instruments or a small wind band (oboes, horns, bassoons, etc.); use for harmonie, Harmonie. LCCN 94-704205
  • Invention/Inventions
    • TYPE (English, French, German); use for invención, invento, inventsiia, invenzione. LCNAF n81-134769
  • Kavatina
  • Kavatine
  • Madrigal/Madrigals
    • TYPE (English, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish); use for vocal works of this type; when an instrumental work is titled "Madrigal," treat this title as distinctive. Use for madrigaal, madrigale, madrygał. LCCN 87-753554
  • Maestoso
    • TYPE (Italian) LCNAF nr00-29108
  • Piva
    • TYPE (Italian); a 15th- and 16th-century Italian dance
  • Recitative/Recitatives
    • TYPE (English, French); use for both instrumental and vocal works; use for rechitativ, récitatif, recitativo, Rezitativ. LCCN 87-770023
  • Scherzando/Scherzandos
    • TYPE (English, Italian) LCNAF n99-29398.
  • Song/Songs
    • TYPE (English); use for vocal works of this type in English; when an instrumental work is titled "Song," treat this title as distinctive. For vocal works, apply 25.30B1 a): do not add a medium of performance for works with the initial title element Songs, Lieder, etc. unless it differs from the implied medium of solo voice(s) with acc. for keyboard instrument (this does not apply to songs in a popular medium). Apply 25.30B10: accompaniment for works with the initial title element Songs, Lieder, etc.: when the work is accompanied by any medium other than a keyboard instrument, add the name(s) of the instrument(s) followed by "acc." If the work is unaccompanied, add "unacc." as the medium of performance. Use only for miscellaneous sets, e.g., [Songs], [Songs. Selections] and specific collections, e.g., [Songs, op. 14], [Songs. op. 56. Maid sings light]. For other languages see, e.g., canción, canzone, chanson, dal, Gesang, laulu, Lied, melodie, pesnia, pisen, romance. LCNAF n85-139914
  • Tune/Tunes
    • TYPE (English) LCNAF n78-67341
  • Zwischenspiel/Zwischenspiele
    • TYPE (German) LCCN 86-753796