Administrative Handbook



The MLA web site ( is the central repository for MLA’s virtual public documents. It aims to be a dynamic source of information about the organization and for its members. The site is managed using a content management system (CMS) with adherence to the MLA Web Style Guide.


See the description of the Web Manager position at III.H.


The Web Committee maintains the Association’s web site and related online tools. Members of the committee will be assigned functional responsibilities related to the website (or other online tools) for which they are responsible. The committee will solicit and maintain content and work to ensure that systems are functional, and that content is accurate and current. Committee members are responsible for clear, consistent communication with assigned constituencies in MLA (chapters, committees, special officers, the Board, business office), and they ensure that members’ needs are being met to the greatest extent possible. The committee works with the Web Manager to advise the Board and the Association in all matters related to published web content and related web-based technologies. It establishes general policies and procedures related to the Association’s web presence, formulating policy related to web site design, maintenance, style, and content.

The Web Committee is chaired by the Web Manager. Ex-officio members include an A-R Editions representative and a Board member. Other members include at least three other MLA members with some web design experience or technological skills. (rev. 11/2012)