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    Bonnie E. Fleming wrote on the Interest Groups: Women in Music wall: Hi Everyone! Happy April! I just got a message from Ray Hegemeier about a possible collaboration for a presentation at the conference in Portland next year. I'm going to post the message here and any of you have collections with strong women in music holdings that would like to put together a 20-30 minute talk about your holdings to pair with Ray's talk? read the email below and see if any of us have something that would be a good match to pair with this to propose to the program committee. I need some answers by the 16th so that I can contact Ray and we can have time to send the proposal in to the program committee by early May. If you have an idea, please send a short proposal (300 words or so) describing what you want to do to If I have multiple proposals I will post them here and we can all vote on the best one to match with Ray's existing suggestion so the decision is not just my opinion, but the opinion of as much of the group as wishes to express an opinion on the issue. Here is Ray's email: Hi Bonnie, I am putting together a presentation proposal for Portland 2018 on the Jenny Lind materials held at Stanford Libraries. Initially I intended to submit it as a member-proposed session, and then I thought it would be nice to look for a IG sponsor, ideally so that someone else could come up with a companion presentation on a collection of interest and we could then round out an hour on the schedule. I am planning on a 25-30 minute session. The Lind collection has some unique materials including letters, a scrapbook (of sorts) belonging to her mother, and a handwritten copy of her contract with PT Barnum. My goal is to promote these materials in advance of Lind's bicentennial in 2020. Do you think someone in the Women in Music Interest Group might want to join in? If not I am happy to go it alone. Just wanted to ask! Please let me know in the next few weeks--the deadline is in early May. Cheers, and thanks in advance, Ray Ray Heigemeir Public Services Librarian Stanford Music Library Chair, Web Committee, Music Library Association
    Posted Friday, April 7, 2017
    Kerry C. Masteller wrote on the Interest Groups: Women in Music wall: Hi, all - I thought you might enjoy this post by my colleague Christina Linklater on creative ways to tease scores by women composers out of our catalogues, using a recently-digitized opera by Mildred Marion Jessup as a test case: Best, Kerry
    Posted Tuesday, March 21, 2017
    Bonnie E. Fleming wrote on the Interest Groups: Women in Music wall: March = Beth Fleming – series on Women in History Month April = David Lesniaslu May = Lisa Chaufty June = Kerry Masteller July = Renee McBride August = Andrea Copland September = Wendy Sistrunk October = Sarah Dorsey November = Robin Rausch December = Janice Bunker January = Beth Fleming – Betty Freeman February = Carol Lubkowski Hello everyone! Above you’ll find a listing of the months before next year’s MLA meeting in Portland and a name follows each month. Those of you who requested a specific month, you got your wish—no two of you chose the same month. Those of you who didn’t choose a specific month, I think I accommodated all your NOT this month wishes. I feel most sorry for David, who is up in April (that’s rather fast and I’m so sorry about that). I put the link to the blog here, please feel free to comment about design or layout or whatever in this email group and we will gradually get it set up as something we all feel proud to own. I would like it very much if everyone could please put in a tentative topic you are considering for your month into the list above and return it to me. I will post the list then so that we all can see it. You have free reign about what you’d like to write about…but I don’t think it would be good to have four months on Ella Fitzgerald right in a row, so if we all have an inkling about what the others are writing about, we should be able to avoid anything like that. This month I intend to do a series of small articles just because it is women in history month. The length of what you see put up for this month has nothing to do with what you can send during your feature month. Sort, long, whatever you produce is magnificent as far as I’m concerned. About this month, if anyone else wants to add something, let me know and send it through and I’ll put it up. I know that’s two months of me writing (March and January) and I promise I’m not trying to hog things, I simply just figured we all needed at least one month notice on writing and yet I wanted to capitalize on the women in history month angle. Otherwise….just thank you for being willing to participate in this new adventure! Sincerely Beth Fleming
    Posted Monday, March 6, 2017
    Sarah B. Dorsey joined the group Interest Groups: Women in Music.
    Posted Friday, February 24, 2017
    Bonnie E. Fleming wrote on the Interest Groups: Women in Music wall: This (see below) is the email sent by Jennifer Ward at IAML asking me to check to see if any of you would be willing to write a small (300-500 words plus sound images and photographs) on the women on the list that she gives a link to. In the email (see below). The list is for the next several months. If any of you would enjoy writing on one of these woman, please let me know ( so I can notify Jennifer and/or provide her with copy if none of you claims the task. I realize some are coming up quickly so I ask if you'd like to claim someone in late February or in March that you contact me before March 6th. Thank you, interest group members, for a magnificent, productive meeting today!!!! Smiles, Beth
    Posted Thursday, February 23, 2017
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