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Committees: Preservation


The Preservation Committee coordinates preservation activities within the Music Library Association by keeping the membership informed of ongoing research and development in preservation, encouraging appropriate ways of handling music materials, and addressing specific preservation problems. The Committee concerns itself with the preservation of all forms of music materials, print and other media, held by libraries and archives.

Chair, 2014-2018
Maristella J. Feustle
Member, 2013-2017
Kathleen Harrison
Member, 2013-2017
Greg MacAyeal
Member, 2014-2018
Alice M. Carli
Member, 2014-2018
Christopher E. Diamond
Member, 2014-2018
Madeline O. Dietrich
Member, 2014-2018
Cynthia F. Miller
Member, 2015-2019
Robert S. DeLand
Member, 2016-2020
Amy K. Kimura
Member, 2016-2020
Maria J. Loizou
Member, 2016-2020
Matthew Vest