Committees: Emerging Technologies & Services


  • To identify and evaluate current trends, tools, services, and developments relating to solutions and systems used by libraries and librarians, with special attention to their handling of music materials, incorporating a balance of public services and technical services aspects.
  • To identify requirements that are unique or of special concern for music materials for library systems of all types.
  • To coordinate and facilitate the exchange of this information.
  • To designate a committee member to serve as coordinator for the System User Groups. Responsibilities would include requests for a time and meeting spaces at the Music Library Association annual meetings, the gathering of annual updates and submission for posting on the MLA website, and facilitating communication among the User Groups.

Committee Handbook

Emerging Technologies & Services Committee Handbook

 Music Discovery Requirements

The Music Discovery Requirements (MDR) document addresses the unique needs posed by music materials which must be considered for successful discovery. The document was created under the auspices of MLA’s Emerging Technologies and Services Committee and officially approved by the MLA Board of Directors.

Full text and more information about MDR

MDR is in need of revision. A group of original MDR task force members has provided ETSC with a report detailing suggestions for revision. Stay tuned for next steps in the revision process.

Stephen P. Henry
Elizabeth Berndt-Morris
Adam Crandell
Joy Doan
Francesca Giannetti
Jessica S. Harvey
Jonathan Manton
Kerry C. Masteller
Pamela Pagels
Alyssa G. Resnick
Kimmy Szeto
Member, ex-officio
Raymond G. Heigemeir