Kevin Freeman Travel Grant

Kevin FreemnaThe Kevin Freeman Travel Grant is intended to support travel and hotel expenses to attend the Music Library Association annual meeting. Grant(s) include the conference registration fee and a cash award up to $750, subject to approval of the current year’s budget by the MLA Board. The applicant must be a member of the Music Library Association and either be in the first three years of his/her professional career, a graduate library school student aspiring to become a music librarian, or a recent graduate (within one year of degree) of a graduate program in librarianship who is seeking a professional position as a music librarian. At least one grant will be awarded to a first-time attendee, if applicable. At least one grant will be awarded to an individual from an underrepresented  racial or ethnic minority group*, if applicable.  Recipient(s) are announced each year at the MLA Annual Meeting. Calls for applications are issued in the late spring or summer.

The Kevin Freeman Fund, endowed by contributions of members of the Northern and Southern California chapters as well as colleagues and friends of Kevin’s across the country, supports the Kevin Freeman Travel Grant. Few new members of the music library profession—as was Kevin—receive adequate funding from their institutions to attend and participate in the highly-valued annual meetings of the Music Library Association, their primary professional organization. The Kevin Freeman Travel Grant enables MLA to assist its newer members by supporting and encouraging their participation in the Association's national meeting.

Kevin Freeman (1953–1993) served as Head of Music Technical Services at Stanford University. He had worked previously at the University of California at Berkeley Music Library. Kevin was Chair of the Subject Access Subcommittee of MLA's Bibliographic Control Committee and was active in the Northern California Chapter, serving as Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and Chair. Kevin was concerned about encouraging and developing young/new talent and believed strongly in MLA and its work. He was also known in the San Francisco area as a singer in the Symphony Chorus and Choral Artists of San Francisco. In the early 1980s he was a member of the male vocal ensemble, Chanticleer. A San Francisco native, Kevin graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah with a B.A. in Music in 1977. He earned an M.A. in French Linguistics from Georgetown University in 1985, and an M.A. in Library and Information Science from the University of California/Berkeley in 1987.

*as defined by the US Labor Department’s Executive Order 11246: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino. 

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The application deadline for 2016 has passed.

Grant recipients will be notified in mid-December.


2016 recipients: 

Rachel Wishkoski is an MLIS student at the University of Washington Information School (graduating June 2016). Her background in ethnomusicology and volunteer work at the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives stood out, as did her experience with audio preservation with the Garfias Collection of reel-to-reel field recordings at the University of Washington Music Library. She is also currently working on a volunteer research project on Cloud Music Services with the University of Washington iSchool. In recent years she received recognition with an award to attend a meeting of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of MLA and as a recipient of the Ohio State University Ethnomusicology Field Research Grant. 

Joshua Dieringer is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the viola performance and MLIS programs. He is currently maintaining several positions as the circulation assistant at the Mills Music Library, as the Orchestra Librarian with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Orchestras, and as the Catalog Editor at the Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Previously he held a paraprofessional position as the Circulation Assistant at the Music and Dance Library at The Ohio State University. He is also performing as a violist in several ensembles. He identifies music and multimedia cataloging as well as metadata as primary fields of interest, hoping to “interact with experts and absorb the latest ideas and trends in the music library field” through attendance at the MLA National Meeting.

Patrick Sifuentes presented an application with strengths in promoting inclusivity and diversity. In particular, his work as a charter member of the MLA Diversity Committee is extremely important. He will bring a unique perspective focused on social responsibility to the MLA national meeting. Sifuentes is a recent graduate (May 2014) and currently looking for work in a music library setting. He was recently selected as a recipient of the Association of Research Libraries/Music Library Association Diversity Inclusion Initiative, which placed him at Northwestern University as a Library Fellow. Attending the national meeting will provide a timely opportunity for networking and making connections. In particular, he mentioned wanting to “build upon previous relationships, establish new ones, and continue committee service” as primary goals for attending this year’s meeting. Sifuentes received two strong letters of recommendation, both of which highlighted his community-minded approach to librarianship.

Matthew Testa is newly employed as a Project Archivist at the Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland (May 2015 – present) and recent graduate from the University of Maryland MLIS program (2015). As he is currently in a one-year term position, he will be searching for a permanent professional position in the upcoming year. Testa also mentioned that he has an interest in music archives and sees the MLA meeting as a place to connect with others in the archives community. Testa has an impressive resume, including internship experience at the Library of Congress Music Division, as a Graduate Library Assistant at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library at the University of Maryland and previous work experience as a Course Instructor in music at McGill University. His resume also lists some research activity including a review in Notes and a presentation on open access music journals at the Fall Meeting of the Music Library Association’s Atlantic Chapter.

Charlotte Plank enrolled in the MLIS program at Kent State University, is currently working and interning in music libraries and performing as an organist in her community. She has experience working in a variety of library settings including the Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory’s Special Collections James & Susan Neumann Jazz Collection, and more recently within the cataloging department at the Performing Arts Library at Kent State University where she has focused on original and copy cataloguing of sound recordings.  She has recently received several awards including a scholarship to attend the 2015 Music Cataloging Institute at University of North Texas and was a recipient of the 2015 Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians (NOTSL) Scholarship.

Laura Thompson is a new librarian at Central Michigan University Library where music is one of several subjects she has been assigned. Some of her duties in this position include reference, teaching and original music cataloguing. She has been involved in the professional association as past president of the Students of MLA Group. Her past work experience includes several positions in various areas of music librarianship, including Reference Assistant, Serials Assistant, and Acquisitions Assistant at the Cook Music Library. She has cataloging experience working as Library Assistant at the Archives of Traditional Music and serving as a sound recordings cataloging intern at the Cook Music Library. She was one of five picked to participate in an opportunity to catalog and study manuscripts at the Biblioteca Musical Greggiati in Ostiglia, Italy in 2014.


Past recipients:


Joy Doan
Kyra Folk-Farber
Robin Preiss
Elizabeth Surles

2014 Angela Pratesi
Jennifer Vaughn
Elin Williams
2013 Sarah Alexander
Kirk-Evan Billet
Jacey Kepich

2012 Sonia Archer-Capuzzo
Sofia Becerra-Licha
Victoria Chu
Stephanie Lewin-Lane
Pamela Pagels
2011 Langston Bates
Sally Bauer
Zach Coble
Carolyn Doi
Molly O'Brien
Lindy Smith

2010 Dyann S. Bishop
Matthew Ertz
Bracken Klar
Yi Hong Sim
Jennifer Ward
2009 Veronica Alzalde
Dominique Bourassa
Janet McKinney
Laurie Neuerburg

2008 Katharine Chandler
Laurie Lake
Anne Shelley
David Winjum
2007 Amanda Evans
Kristie Nelsen
Amy Pennington
Janelle West

2006 Rebecca McCallum
Terra Mobley
Cassidy R. Sugimoto
2005 Carlos Peña
Romeo Whou

2004 Amber Johnson
Lisa Lazar
Nara Newcomer
Jaroslaw Szurek
2003 Kirstin Dougan
Rachel Rogers
Stacie Traill

2002 Alicia Hansen
Michael Duffy
2001 James Alberts
Clayton Crenshaw
Melanie Zeck

2000 Daniel F. Boomhower
D.J. Hoek
Andrew Leach
G. Dale Vargason Jr.
1999 Sara Adams
Gail Culler
Elisa Paul

1998 Jennifer Veronica Dahmus
Jeff Whitson
Alicia Snee
1997 Kristina Shanton
Susannah Cleveland
Edward Eanes



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